Ashok Adepal, recipient of Kutch Shakti Award by Bruhad Mumbai Gujarati Samaj in 2011, was born in Tharad, Banaskatha to a refugee family that migrated from Sindh, Pakistan to Gujarat, India, during the 1972 partition of East and West Pakistan, and raised in Kutch, a region known for its magnanimity and dignity.
His career as a political cartoonist began 13 years ago. He trained himself to draw cartoons and also developed his own style by studying the works of national and international cartoonists.
Since childhood, Adepal loved to draw sketches and cartoons, but lacked the proper guidance to achieve the skills and expertise. However, a poet and educator friend realised his talent and advised him to enter the field of political cartooning. Adepal took this advice seriously and his first cartoon was published on the front page of a regional newspaper, Kutchmitra in September 2002. Thus began the daily column Hi Pan Hikdi Gaal. Now, his political cartoons regularly appear in the Ahmedabad (Gujarat) edition of DNA, a national newspaper.
Earlier, Adepal’s cartoons have been publishing in local newspapers and periodicals like Kutch Mitra, Phoolchhab, Sambhav Metro, Divya Bhaskar, Akila, Asian Age (Gujarat edition), Chitralekha, Abhiyan and also in web news portal- Global Gujarat News (GGN). In digital media, he has also worked for Apart from these, he had been the founder editor of a satirical periodical Vah Bhai Wah.
Through his work, Adepal aims to represent and highlight the concerns of a common man and thus challenges and questions the apathy of the people holding powerful positions in our society. So far, Adepal’s cartoons have been exhibited in cities like Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Bhuj, Mandvi, Gandhidham, Mumbai and Edison (USA). Apart from cartooning, he has acted in theatre and street plays also.
Now, Adepal passes his free time in drawing caricatures of different people. He hopes that more and more people would become aware of the art of cartoon making and enjoy his cartoons. People will invest money in making cartoon/caricature of their own and their near and dear ones, they will laugh at it and enjoy a lot, Adepal wishes. and Cartoon Selfie Mobile App have been initiated to  fulfill this wish.
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